• picture berlin cohousing or sustainability example
  • picture berlin cohousing or sustainability example
  • picture berlin cohousing or sustainability example
  • picture berlin cohousing or sustainability example
  • picture berlin cohousing or sustainability example
  • picture berlin cohousing or sustainability example


id22: is a multidisciplinary, civil-society, non-profit organization based in the urban lab we know as Berlin. A focus is on the theory and practice of a transformative social-ecology, emphasizing self-organization, community-led housing, local urban initiatives, justice and democracy. The Institute coordinates educational services, networking events, research, exhibitions and publications exploring Inclusive CoHousing and Cooperatives as well as related projects like community land trusts, community gardening and edible landscapes in the context of a post-growth, common good, non-speculative urban development.


  • id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability
  • Spreefeld Project Space
  • Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 12
    10179 Berlin
  • Tel: +49 (0)179 8921 045
  • Mail: institute@id22.net


new eBook: Social-Ecological Cooperative Housing

Social-Ecological Cooperative Housing___ Community-based, Transformative Building and Living___ id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability (eds.)___ JOVIS / ePDF/ePUB___ English/German___ From land speculation and exploding rents to climate change and social inequality, we find ourselves in an age of overlapping crises. As… > more

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Current projects

  • Kollektives Lernen / Collective Learning

    In collaboration with id22 and Marco Clausen, developing a self-organized, decentralized un-academy. Berlin projects and initiatives are reviewed and networked as they collect, exchange and pass on knowledge and experience,...
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  • Stadtbodenstiftung / CLT

    Die Stadtbodenstiftung (CLT-Initiative) will den ersten deutschen Community Land Trust in Berlin einführen und macht sich experimentell an dessen Umsetzung. Die Stadtbodenstiftung wird eine gemeinschaftliche, nicht-gewinnorientierte Eigentumsform, mit der Grund...
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  • Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC)

    The SHICC project supports the establishment of successful Community Land Trusts (CLT) in cities across the North-West European (NWE) region, including cities like London, Brussels, Lille, Amsterdam, Dublin, Glasgow and...
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CoHousing Inclusive

Self-organized, community-led housing for all. Experimental dwelling forms—CoHousing Cultures—are entering the mainstream. But to what extent are they accessible and affordable for all, including people with more or less money, with or without refugee experience, with or without disabilities? Collaborative, social housing initiatives are already developing such diversifying, sustainable neighborhoods, and are not only supported by civil society, but also increasingly by apartment providers such as cooperatives. This book contains critical reviews of model projects representing a colorful, European movement, complemented with photos and drawings. Short texts argue how political and financial conditions can be improved to better realize collaborative housing. Finally, a range of voices offer unconventional and promising strategies.